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Season of the Wolf

Somebody called me a "Champion"

Jun Shang-Da
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((This is a character journal for use in LJ roleplaying games. Shang-Da is played by dark_wesley.))

China, 1979. Jun Shang-Da is born in a small, somewhat remote area of China. At some point, his older brother is made into a werewolf via a bite from the boys' uncle. As the Juns' local beliefs include lycanthropy being considered an honor, Shang-Da grows up expecting, even hoping, that he would also become a werewolf. The family moves to Pasadena, not far outside Los Angeles, in 1988.

1992, Shang-Da's older brother bites him, and he becomes a werewolf. Shang-Da is sent back to his family's home to study and learn to control his lycanthropy, to the point where he is able to access some of his enhanced senses while in his natural human form and shift shape at will. 1996, he moves back to America to finish high school and attend the University of Southern California, where he develops a reputation for being a ladies' man, something that continues for some time.

After college, Shang-Da takes over management of his father's import/export business. He parlays this into his preferred nocturnal endeavor, developing and running a bar/nightclub called "Den". Unusually for an Angeleno, Shang-Da is often seen walking from his office to the club in the evening.

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